Why I hate election years

Since it is October and slowly approaching the presidential election date, I figured it was only fitting that my first returning article would be about why I hate election years so much. It brings up so many unsavory topics and pits the country against each other for their views. I’m not saying that I think... Continue Reading →

Women in Life…

In life women are told to hide their sexuality, as if being okay with our bodies and our own skin is a sin. Men can sit around all day and talk about the girls they’ve hooked up with and how hot they were and that’s perfectly fine, but the moment a woman opens up about... Continue Reading →

The Long One

There has been a lot of things in the media recently from the COVID-19 pandemic, to the Black Lives Matter protests, to Blue Lives Matter and All Lives Matter posts. Here as a mixed race American I am here to shed some light on some things. Before you start criticizing that I don’t see things... Continue Reading →

COVID-19: What it means to me

I never in my lifetime ever thought I would have to face something like this. Over the past few weeks our nation has seen drastic changes in its normal every day to day life. The current COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the state of mind that people are operating on, wondering what is coming next and... Continue Reading →

South Lorain — My Home, My Pride

By Ashley Mott Growing up in South Lorain, Ohio was never easy. The streets had pot holes bigger than a basketball meaning that driving in the winter was always better because they were filled in with snow, my school system was redone so many times that almost all of the schools I went to were... Continue Reading →

Moving On..

There is a reason for everything, and though it make take us time to see it, that doesn't mean we won't reach an understanding eventually. By Ashley Mott There is a moment in time when it no longer hurts, when the pain that you had felt for so long is now gone. You may not... Continue Reading →

Meant to be…

Sometimes you find out exactly where you are meant to be when you aren't really looking.... By Ashley Mott It was the moment that you looked at me with so much concern and affection in your eyes that I knew I would be safe, even when I was terrified. My body is riddled with scars... Continue Reading →

Being a suicide survivor

By Ashley Mott The thing about being a survivor of suicide is that it has permanently changed your life in one way or another. Being a survivor doesn’t just mean that you yourself tried to commit suicide. It also means that you have survived the aftermath of someone else taking their own life. I am... Continue Reading →

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